Offer to existing bank borrowers in connection with the spread of coronavirus

In order to alleviate the possibility of risks arising from the spread of the coronavirus infection, Ziraat Bank Uzbekistan JSC reports the following:

currently, we are studying loan repayment by enterprises that have experienced a decrease in cash flows due to the spread of the coronovirus infection, including organizations working in tourism and international freights, as well as enterprises which main contractors are located in the countries where the coronovirus infection is widely spread, as well as enterprises which activities are adversely affected by the measures taken to prevent coronovirus in Uzbekistan. 

Based on real cash flows and customer capabilities, as well as on the implementation timing of the expected projects, applications are accepted for providing a grace period for principal debt repayment until October 1, 2020, as well as requests for making amendments to loan agreements in order to postpone the final loan repayment dates in proportion to the grace period provided. 

For applications :

     Bank Branch Name         
Bank Address      
Phone Number

Head Office
15 ABV, Bunyodkor Avenue, Tashkent  
(+998 78) 147-96-05; +998 99 010-78-26 

Retail Sector Operations Department
15 ABV, Bunyodkor Avenue, Tashkent  
(+998 78) 147-97-01; +998 99 010-78-11

Corporate Sector Operations Department 
15 ABV, Bunyodkor Avenue, Tashkent  
(+998 78) 147-97-55; +998 99 010-78-40

Yunusabad Branch 
36b, A. Kodiriy street, Tashkent 
(+998 78) 147-91-01; +998 99 010-78-31

Samarkand Office
1B, Beruniy Street, Samarkand 
(+998 78) 147-95-01; +998 99 010-78-36