Transit accounts

Dear Clients!

JSC Ziraat Bank Uzbekistan informs that the transfer of funds to bank cards opened in JSC Ziraat Bank Uzbekistan can be carried out according to the following transit accounts indicating the full name of the owner and the card number:

For “Humo” cards: 
23120000100000395200 (Operational Department) (MFO 00395)
23120000900001138200 (Yunusabad branch) (MFO 01138)
23120000300000395201 (Bank office in Samarkand) (MFO 00395)
23120000200000395400 (Bank office in Fergana) (MFO 00395)

For “Uzcard” cards:
23120000400000395002 (Operational department) (MFO 00395)
23120000900001138002 (Yunusabad branch) (MFO 01138)
23120000300000395201 (Samarkand office) (MFO 00395)
23120000900000395301 (Fergana office) (MFO 00395)