Bank's development strategy

The Strategy identifies the main directions of development of the bank for 2021-2023. The strategy was developed for Ziraat Bank Uzbekistan JSC in order to identify medium-term competitive advantages in the target markets, ensure its stability, the Bank's targets and measures to be taken to achieve the plans.
Our Mission: To bring modern banking technologies and culture into the banking sector through our work style, to inculcate in our employees a customer-centered approach, to help the financial system reach modern international standards and compete with the world.
Vision: To be a bank that sets standards in the banking sector, expands its branches to all regions of the country, shares the attention and dignity of its customers with its employees, respects the environment, is sensitive to the needs of citizens, and is a reliable partner with entrepreneurs.
The main principles of the Development Strategy of Ziraat Bank Uzbekistan JSC are as follows:
• Provide them with the most appropriate solutions and value suggestions from the most appropriate channels, with the best understanding of customer needs and desires,
• Delivering a wide range of products and services to our customers from all walks of life in the fastest and most efficient way through the branch network and other service channels,
• According to the standards of Ziraat Financial Group, high level of service and stable income,
• Put customer satisfaction above all else.
The Bank discusses the implementation of the Strategy at least twice a month at the meetings of the Liquidity Committee, and at least twice a year at the meetings of the Board of the Bank, and monitors the implementation of the plan.
According to the strategy, the members of the Management Board of the Bank will ensure the implementation, development and control of business strategies in key areas of activity. Changes in the conduct of banking activities are taken into account in the annual financial plans.
Highlights of our key Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2023 will include:
- Carrying out activities with a strong bank balance structure;
- Development of business model and organization of customer relationship management system;
- Achieving the level of a bank with modern infrastructure and strong information technology;
- Ensuring process improvement;
- Development of the organizational structure of conventional and digital channels.