Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loans are issued to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who have a permanent registered place of residence and income received as a result of their activities.

Mortgage Loan Terms and Conditions:

The down payment is at least 25% (twenty-five) of the cost of housing purchased in a residential or apartment building. 

The loan amount must not exceed 3,000 (three thousand) of the reference calculation value established in the Republic of Uzbekistan on the day of loan formalization. 

A loan is issued for a period of up to 10 (ten) years. 

List of the documents for mortgage loan formalization: 

  • Original passport of applicant and co-borrower  
  • Preliminary apartment purchase and sale contract; 
  • Document on evaluation of apartment to be purchased; 
  • Copy of cadastre document for housing to purchased.  

Loan Interest Rates:

25-60 months -  23.5%;

61-84 months -  24%;

85-120 months - 25%;

0,00 UZS