SMS information on the current account

What is an SMS notification?

The “SMS-notification service” is useful for bank card users - it will send all the card information in the form of a text message to a customer’s phone. 

The “SMS-notification” service allows a cardholder getting a quick access to all income, current balance and payment transactions, including payments. 

How to connect to the system?

“HUMO” payment card activation - contact bank employees or visit the servicing bank when opening the card (if the card is issued) and tell them your mobile phone number in the format +998 XX YYYYYYY, where X is an operator code, and Y is the phone number. 

“UZCARD” payment card activation - when opening the card, you can contact he bank employees, visit the servicing bank or activate it using an info kiosk/ATM. 

The cost of each SMS message is 84 soums 20 tiyins and will be automatically debited from the user's mobile account. 


The Bank recommends keeping your PIN code in confidence and not passing it to anyone. If you notice that someone knows your PIN-code, change it immediately. It is recommended that you change your PIN-code once a month.