Overdraft is provided to employees of the Bank’s corporate customers, as well as to Bank employees by setting limits on their salary plastic cards.

The salary of the overdraft receiving Employee must be transferred in full to its plastic card, and the employer being a legal entity must pay its employee the salary and equivalent fees in full during the validity period of the loan agreement. In the event of employee’s dismissal, the organization being a Corporate Customer of the Bank shall notify the Bank thereof.

Overdraft is issued on the basis of reviewing a document on customer’s salary as a 3 times average monthly salary (pension) for up to 12 months, provided that during the last 6 months of the loan period, the loan is paid in equal installments every month.

Customers may use the funds for their every need.

List of the documents for loan formalization:

  • Original passport of applicant;
  • Collateral and/or surety of third parties;
  • Original passport of guarantor;

Loan Interest Rates:

1-12 months  -  22%